Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remeber JFK?

November 22, 2011
The news as I see it and the views as I want them.
November 22 is … Start Your Own Country Day

That almost happened on November 22, 1963. It will be happening in 2012 if the Congress does not start doing what they are paid to do. Our Congress and President are shameless, clueless, idiotic laughingstocks. If we do not vote these jackasses out of office, America will see more bloodshed on the streets. I have my weapons loaded; come and get me!

Where were you on November 22, 1963, a Friday, around 1:00 p.m. central time? I was sitting at St. Anthony’s school in third grade with Mrs. Wahl. An announcement came over the intercom, which was a new addition to the school, announcing the President of the United States had been killed. A few minutes later another announcement was made telling us school was over for the day.

I do not know if the school officials called parents or made an announcement on the local radio, I just knew school was out for the weekend. No one was home when I got home except for my brother and sister who went to the same school. We walked home together. It was only two blocks.

We had a live-in housekeeper at the time. She was gone for the weekend. My mother arrived home soon after we got there. My dad got home a little after that.

I was eight years old. I did not comprehend or fully understand what was happening in America. It was obvious it was a big deal, we got out of school early. I do not recall seeing either of my parents cry during this time period

I clearly remember the television had nothing on but Kennedy stuff accept for Chicago channel 9. They stayed with regular programs but we only had one TV and it was on the news stuff.

Saturday morning was a long morning. None of the regular cartoons were on. By then, I was getting into watching the President stuff; so were my brother and sister. I clearly remember the Oswald killing and the funeral procession with the riderless horse, Black Jack. The Oswald killing was on Sunday and the funeral was on Monday, another school holiday.

It was a bad time for our country but I did not grasp that for a few years. I am glad I watched the television coverage. It was historic and I still recall it.
President Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. November 1963 was before major changes were made in the Catholic Church. The Mass and most services were still celebrated in Latin. On Friday, every Friday, Catholics were not to eat meat. This tradition came about because over the years the fishing industry in Italy had lobbied the Church for a meatless day to help keep the fishing trade afloat.

November 22, 1963 was a Friday. President Kennedy was in Texas for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. He was given special dispensation from the Vatican allowing him to eat meat.

The meatless Friday was changed a few years later to only be in effect during Lent. This was one of many changes that has helped the deterioration of the Catholic Church brought about by the Second Vatican Council.

Where were you on Friday November 22, 1963?

Just a couple of thoughts I had and you should too or at least think about.
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