Friday, September 23, 2011

Why is the President of Iran still alive?

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011


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September 23 is … Checkers Day and Dogs In Politics Day

This guy is an asshole. He is an embarrassing worldwide ambassador for Muslims in general. If I had to pick one person in the world to kill and remove from the face of the earth, he is the person I would throw my rope at.

American diplomats led a walkout at the U.N. General Assembly Thursday as Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fiercely attacked the United States and major West European nations as "arrogant powers" ruled by greed and eager for military adventurism.

Last year, Ahmadinejad provoked a walkout by the U.S., EU, and others when he said a majority of people in the United States and around the world believe the American government staged the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in an attempt to assure Israel's survival.

The provocative comments prompted the U.S. delegation to walk out of Ahmadinejad's U.N. speech, where he also blamed the U.S. as the power behind U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran for its refusal to halt uranium enrichment, a technology that can be used as fuel for electricity generation or to build nuclear weapons. He is a dog in politics.

Speaking of dogs in politics, but not to the same degree, rumor has it that Eleanor Mondale had an affair with President Bill Clinton while he was in office. I am not sure if Hillary will ever shake this stigma but she decided to stand by her man. I wonder how she thinks that decision has worked out. But, then again, he pretty much made her. She would never have been heard of if it were not for her husband.

I am in the justice business but never get invited to these types of seminars. Of course, I do not work for the government. As the U.S. government grapples to find ways to trim the bloated federal deficit, a new report suggests officials might start with cutting out $16 muffins and $10 cookies.

"We found the Department (of Justice) spent $16 on each of the 250 muffins served at an August 2009 legal conference in Washington," said a DOJ Office of Inspector General report released on Tuesday. The DOJ spent $121 million on conferences in fiscal 2008 and 2009, which exceeded its own spending limits and appeared to be extravagant and wasteful, according to the report that examined 10 conferences held during that period. The review turned up the expensive muffins, which came from the Capital Hilton Hotel just blocks from the White House, as well as cookies and brownies that cost almost $10 each.

The department spent $32 per person on snacks of Cracker Jack, popcorn, and candy bars and coffee that cost $8.24 per cup at another conference, the report said. The DOJ also spent nearly $600,000 for event planning services for five conferences, the document said.

A Justice Department spokeswoman said most of the gatherings were held when there were no strict limits on food and beverage costs, adding the DOJ had taken steps since 2009 "to ensure that these problems do not occur again." Word of the agency's extravagant spending drew a swift response from Capitol Hill.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee which has oversight of the Justice Department, said the report was a blueprint for the first cuts that should be made by the "super committee" searching for at least $1.2 trillion in savings.

"Sixteen dollar muffins and $600,000 for event planning services are what make Americans cynical about government and why they are demanding change," Grassley said in a statement. "People are outraged, and rightly so."

I particularly like the justification that it was OK because the strict guidelines were not in place at the time. I think common sense was in place at the time. For someone in our government to authorize over $24.00 for a muffin and cup of coffee is why we are in the problems we are in. I bet the person in charge of approving the costs is still employed.

Just a couple of thoughts I had and you should too or at least think about.


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