Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 arrests, nearly one for every year since Cubs won World Series

OCTOBER 13, 2011


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October 13 is … National Peanut Festival

Is this big in Plains, Georgia?

It was a lucky break that important, serious news did not happen on Wednesday. WGN Radio, the Chicago Tribune, ESPN, The Chicago Sun-Times and most other Chicago media outlets and sports news outlets had wall to wall coverage of the Chicago “It is not going to matter” Cubs potential hiring of a General Manager; a person that does not play the game, never has played the game at the MLB level and will not manage the team on the field.

I have thought about this and could not come up with a General Manager of a team in any of the major professional sports that won a world championship, changed teams and won another world championship. I have likely missed a name or two but I could not think of any. It has happened with the field manager or head coach, Tony LaRussa, Jim Leyland, Phil Jackson and Casey Stengel come to mind but there are not many of those types of people.

To pay the GM 20 million dollars because he is the biggest flavor of the year is ignorant and will not work. The Cubs and their fans should remember Dallas Greene, Don Baylor and Lou Pinella. None of those big hires worked out; the Cubs are still waiting to get to and win a world title.

The Chicago Cubs and their fans will still be waiting in three to four years when the new hire leaves town with his 20 million.

The guy this story is written about has peanuts for brains. What a nut?

Here's one milestone that hardly calls for celebration. Florida police arrested a man for the one hundredth time on Thursday, after he allegedly shoplifted $174 worth of socks and underwear.

An employee at a Bealls department in Port St. Lucie says he spotted Joseph Wilson, 50, leaving the retail outlet with merchandise stuffed under his shirt, according to Broward-Palm Beach NewTimes. When police approached Wilson outside the store, they say he jumped into an idle white van and instructed the driver to "take off." But the driver, a friend of Wilson, according to MSNBC didn't take off at all, so Wilson fled police through the opposite side of the van.

Wilson actually managed to outrun authorities, only to have his escape thwarted when a witness found the suspect hiding behind a Dumpster and some bushes at a nearby Wendy's.  When authorities confronted Wilson, he allegedly offered the classic "out for a run" routine. "He told the officers he had been jogging and was out of breath and was just resting," Tom Nichols, Port St. Lucie Police Department spokesman, told WPTV-5. Eventually, Wilson explained that he'd fallen on "hard times." The cops had never heard the “I’m just resting” story before when they catch a person out of breath where they were looking for someone who ran from them.

Wilson's first 99 arrests include 37 felonies, 47 misdemeanors, and 15 other charges, resulting in 35 convictions along the way to reaching the century mark. Wilson is charged with petit theft and resisting recovery of property. He is being held on $20,000 bond.

Governor Chris Christie is now running for Vice President with Mitt Romney. Many people go on to become Veep as a way of just getting out of the limelight.

I do not know how much money you can spend through your California prisoner account but Conrad Murray may find out. On Wednesday, his unprepared and over-matched defense team threw in the towel when they abandoned the defense they have been claiming for over one year; the same defense they raised in their opening statement to the jury.

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense on Wednesday abandoned a theory that it touted for over a year that Michael Jackson swallowed the drug that killed him, an abrupt shift in strategy that potentially undermines its case.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor and prosecutor David Walgren appeared stunned when attorney Michael Flanagan arose in a hearing outside the jury's presence and announced the defense's decision.

"We are not going to assert at any point in this trial that Michael Jackson at any time orally ingested propofol," said Flanagan, who revealed he had commissioned his own study about oral ingestion of the drug. He said the study concluded that it would not be absorbed into the body when ingested.

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