Thursday, November 17, 2011

let the Pennsylvania prison population mete out justice for this one.

November 17, 2011


The news as I see it and the views as I want them.

November 17 is … Take a Hike Day

If President Obama, Herman Cain, Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney and the rest of the headline grabbers would only take a hike the country would be a better place. Sarah Palin apparently read the writing on the wall and has faded into the woodwork. If Congress would just follow her lead for once and go home.

Have you noticed the increase of stories in the news about sexual abuse lately? The press is leading the public to their water trough and forcing the citizens to drink the news. In a few weeks the story will calm down and the press will move onto a new cause celeb’.

Many lives will be affected by the news reporting but those in charge do not care. After bombarding the public with the monstrous charges of child sexual abuse, a Kardashian will get married or arrested or pregnant out-of-wedlock or have a sex change, all earth shattering dribble and the news machine will move on, leaving those living in the carnage attributed to “freedom of the press” to regroup on their own. The world will keep spinning around and sexual abuse of children will continue, just not on page one. Capital punishment and vigilantes would do more good than Brian Williams ever could.

The beat goes on. What sorts of people live in the Penn State University area? Now, it is reported Sandusky’s lawyer had sex with and impregnated a seventeen year old in the 1990s. On Monday evening, former Penn State football coach and accused child predator Jerry Sandusky broke his silence by participating in a telephone interview with NBC's Bob Costas. Although Sandusky admitted to showering with young boys, he maintained his innocence regarding the charges of sexual assault. Joining Costas in the NBC studio was the lawyer, Joseph Amendola, tasked with proving Sandusky's innocence.

Amendola took a few questions from Costas, revealing a potential blockbuster turn regarding witness testimony in the high-profile case.

Having taken the job of representing Sandusky in a trial surely to be followed around the nation, Amendola has also opened his own past to public examination. Thus far, revelations have not established him as a paragon of sound judgment regarding young people. According The Daily, Amendola may have engaged in sexual relations with a teen during the 1990s.

According to Centre County Courthouse documents obtained by the iPad newspaper, the man representing Sandusky impregnated a teenage girl and later married her. Per the report, Mary Iavasile's mother alleged in an interview that her daughter gave birth to Amendola's child before she was 18 years old. He had reportedly served as her attorney when she was 17.

It seems obvious Sandusky does not have good judgment but a monkey with ears would know this is probably not the guy you want as your attorney for these charges. The jury will be just as disgusted with the attorney as they are with the Defendant.

I thought about the decision by the attorney to allow Sandusky to be interviewed by Bob Costas. Sandusky did not do himself any favors with his interview. I think, however, the defense had nothing to lose. He must taint the jury pool and garner sympathy if he is going to have a chance at defeating the charges against him.

If he goes to prison in Pennsylvania, he will be hated by most inmates. He will be a convicted pedophile, not a good thing in prison. He will be the guy that brought down Joe Paterno and Penn State football, not a check in his favor. He will be an elderly, weak fresh fish, not a good thing in prison. He will be used to sex with males, therefore experienced in prison sex, potentially a good thing.

Gangs and the powerful inmates will trade this guy like a baseball card. He will be exchanged amongst inmates more often than a toaster given as a wedding present.

Just a couple of thoughts I had and you should too or at least think about.


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