Thursday, September 22, 2011

There is one less convicted murderer in the U. S. this morning

SEPTEMBER 22, 2011


The news as I see it and the views as I want them.

September 22 is … Hobbit Day and Dear Diary Day

Abraham Lincoln liked September 22 as a day of the year.

1862 President Lincoln, says he will free slaves in all states on Jan 1.
1863 President Lincoln makes his Emancipation Proclamation speech.

1911 Cy Young at 44, wins his 511th & final game.

1927 Famous "Long count" fight (Dempsey loses boxing title to Tunney).

1945 Stan Musial gets 5 hits off 5 pitchers on 5 consecutive pitches.

1959 Chicago White Sox clinch the AL pennant.

1985 Rock & country musicians participate in FarmAid in Champaign, Ill.

Troy Davis was executed in Georgia Wednesday night, twenty years after the murder of a police officer he was convicted of. It was about time.

FOX Sports made up headlines it reported were actual headlines from Chicago Newspapers. The main stream press has now dragged the sports into the sensationalism the regular news entered thirty years ago.

FOX Sports vice president of communications Dan Bell acknowledged that newspaper headlines shown as part of piece that aired during the Sept. 11 Falcons-Bears game concerning the injury Bears quarterback Jay Cutler suffered during the NFL Championship Game "were fabrications,” according to Jim Romenesko of

Bell said, “It was misleading.” The network during the game "flashed three newspaper headlines across the screen," and announcer Daryl Johnston "told viewers that ‘these are the actual headlines from the local papers in Chicago.’ "

A FOX Sports official reportedly admits a graphic showing newspaper headlines about Jay Cutler that aired during the Falcons-Bears game in Week 1 were made up.

However, the Chicago Tribune sports department "didn’t buy it and started an investigation.” The FOX graphics read, “Cutler Leaves With Injury,” “Cutler Lacks Courage,” and “Cutler’s No Leader.”

The Tribune Sunday ran an article under the header: “Fox Sports: ‘Misleading.’” The article read, “The whole production rang false to us. The headlines didn’t look real. The language used in them was off. And since we know that most Chicago media had defended Cutler, we looked into it. We searched throughout Illinois newspapers for that headlines, Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald, every other paper in the state. What did we find? Nothing.” Bell said, “The wrong word was used. Our attempt was to capture the overall sentiment nationwide following that game.”

If you cannot report the truth, do not report anything. If you make up lies, tell us you are using examples of what could have been. To lie on the air about headlines in Chicago newspapers is real ignorant. Chicago has only two papers people think of as Chicago. How could FOX not realize they were going to get called on this story? Somebody needs to move to another state; the state of unemployment.

The Iranian government knows how to play the political game also. Two Americans jailed in Iran as spies were released from Tehran's prison on Wednesday after more than two years in custody.

Associated Press reporters saw a convoy of vehicles with Swiss and Omani diplomats leaving Evin prison Wednesday afternoon with Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal inside, heading to an airport in the capital Tehran. Switzerland represents American interests in Iran because the U.S. has no diplomatic relations with Tehran and the prisoners are expected to be flown to Oman now. The two men, both 29, were driven out of the prison compound just minutes after their Iranian attorney, Masoud Shafiei, said he has completed the paperwork for their release. They arrived in Oman and were greeted by family ndfriends.

"I have finished the job that I had to do as their lawyer," Shafiei said. He obtained signatures of two judges on a bail-for-freedom deal. A $1 million bail – $500,000 for each one – was posted. The two men were arrested along the Iran-Iraq border in July 2009 and sentenced last month to eight years each in prison. A third American arrested with them, Sarah Shourd, was freed last year on bail. Who posted the one million dollars is still unknown.

The London-based rights group Amnesty International called the release of the Americans a "long overdue step."

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